IT Services

NFC Network Solutions

Traffic Management

BlueFly Networks can organize, filter and retain your online business internet traffic for optimal results for revenue.We can assist you in every aspect of internet traffic management for your website and revenue goals.

Digital Rights Management – DRM

Protecting your media content is not only important regarding unwarranted, illegal use but as well an integral part of protecting your brand. BlueFly Network DRM solutions can help you benefit in every aspect of control, distribution and delivery of your digital content.

Prime Media Targeting

BlueFly Networks provides proprietary targeting technologies on multiple platforms, enabling you to combine prime targeting methodologies in order to reach highly specific audience segments. Our internal resources enables us to give our clients unprecedented accuracy and prime targeting results.

Media Traffic Targeting

Through multiple internal channels and traffic technologies, BlueFly Networks can distribute your media in a strategic method based on demographics, behavior, contextual, geographic, and re-targeting. BlueFly Networks offers a wide range of intelligent, practical media trafficking targeted options.

Digitally Protected Content

BlueFly Networks DRM solutions- Digital Rights Management is a technology used by BlueFly Networks to deliver and present licensed and protected digital data such as music and movies. We offer a wide variety of safe digital audio and video licenses and our systems are based on the latest Windows Media technologies developed by the Microsoft Corporation to provide only the safest, secure, and highest quality content.

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